Each creative collaboration takes time, energy, and investment. An estimate for a project’s timeline depends on the scope, scale, and vision of the partnership. Factors that have an impact on timing and cost are the location, models or props, number and complexity of revisions, client response timeliness, and Anthony’s current schedule.

Here's an outline of what the collaborative experience will look like:



This is a collaboration - we’ll start with an introduction to make sure we’re looking to produce the same results. After your initial inquiry, we’ll ideally set up an in person meeting or, if needed, a phone call. We’ll work through questions regarding your business, vision, and goals and then you’ll get the chance to ask me further questions as well. This step will give us both a chance to get to know one another and make sure we’re ready to dive into the project.


If we choose to continue together, I’ll create an estimate for the project and share that with you. You will receive an invoice for a deposit* on the project and I’m always happy to talk through pricing so that we’re on the same page regarding terms and expectations.

*please note that this deposit is nonrefundable

Your Work

To help shape that look and feel of this collaboration, I’ll give you some homework so that I understand your brand, artistic needs, and mission. I’ll send you a questionnaire covering required deliverables, timeline, locations, social media asks, usage terms, and budget parameters. These questions should keep us on the same page through this process.


The first step of this creative process is the creation of a treatment or mood board. I will study your questionnaire and create a color palette along with style inspirations that will set the overall tone of this collaboration.


Now that we’ve established your inspiration board, I will then get to work on creating the narrative and media for this project. Depending on the location, scope of project, and number of variables, this process can be as quick as a weekend or take a considerable amount of time.

During this phase, you will receive an initial collection of assets to make selects from for your final deliverables. Once received, you will have the opportunity to review and request revisions on this work.


After making selects, I’ll put together your final files. Once your approval is received and your final payment is made, I will package up your files and send them to you via digital download with the agreed upon written licensing.