Forest Planning

Encouraging Participation for Public Comment

The Custer Gallatin National Forest is in the middle of a once in a generation process of redesigning their forest wide management plan. This document is the guide for future projects, travel decisions, and recreational uses across over three million acres of public land.

Forest planning relies on public participation throughout the process. Anthony has been active in encouraging recreationists to partake in this process and speak up for the places that they value on their National Forest.


A Multi-Dimensional Media Campaign

To bring stakeholder attention to the forest planning process, Anthony has used a multi-dimensional media campaign to encourage participation and solicit public input. He uses a mixture of inspiring imagery and stories to captivate his peer group while making key calls to action to effectively influence public participation.


Social Media

Social Media has been a valuable asset for this campaign. It is easily shared and gives Anthony a platform to amplify his voice. As the forest planning process matures, he has had the opportunity to share the process with a wide, local audience. Using partnerships with the Greater Yellowstone Coalition, Winter Wildlands Alliance, Outside Bozeman, and the Montana Wilderness Association he has spread his story to a wide range of conservationists and recreationists that value public lands.


Anthony works hard to find varied outlets to share his messaging on the importance of community involvement in forest planning and to reach new audiences. He’s crafted articles mixing adventure and a call to action in local magazines, focused attention on partnerships through letters to the editor, and brought the issue to a wider audience in national publications. His work stands out for its intimate connection to the landscape and its captivating narrative.


Short film is an instrumental tool for capturing the attention and directing the energy of the targeted audience. To encourage young, backcountry users to comment and participate in the forest planning process, Anthony mixed adventure with his call to action. This film was spread through social media and used to draw young people to forest planning events.

Public Events

Drawing audiences, public storytelling, and tabling at events has been an important part of this campaign. Anthony consistently recruits a large audience to attend and participate at forest planning events, he speaks at gatherings as needed, and tables for local nonprofits to encourage greater community participation. This in person interaction is some of his favorite work.



As a community, meeting have been packed, comments steady roll in, and social media posts have high engagement. Anthony’s goal in this project was to target the outdoor community to speak up for the places they value. His community is doing just that.

The next round of forest planning comments are due June 6th. The final forest plan should be finalized in early 2020.