Hello Cara,

Thanks for reaching out. I’ve included two sets of brand photography for you to browse. The first was shot for the Texas bookmakers Tecovas and featured two of their products. The second collection is a group of images I’ve done for outdoor brands including Voile, Salomon, and Ultimate Direction. Hopefully this will give you a better idea of my feel and style.

My availability this summer is mostly midweek. My weekends are booked for events and photo-shoots which were scheduled months ago. Midweek is much more flexible but scheduling would need coordination and me knowing potential dates early in the process. The earlier I know, the easier it is to plan out a shoot and move more flexible projects around.

That being said, a budget is to hard to give you without knowing more about your project. I would need to know what kind of licensing you’d want to do for images, time commitment, amount of retouching, travel and locations, etc. I’d be happy to sit down and chat more with you if you want to discuss your project further.


Anthony Pavkovich